How to Do Local Keyword Research in 2021

If you are here because you want your local business to appear in the search results whenever people search for your services or products, we’ve got your back. Doing Local Keyword Research is a bit different from other Keyword Research.

What is local keyword research?

To understand the difference, let us first get clarity on global SEO and local SEO. While the former targets a larger audience, the latter only focuses on the people in the vicinity of the local businesses. So, when you have a different target audience, your keyword research technique changes too.

How to do local keyword research?

Without any further ado, let us jump right in and do local keyword research like a pro for your business. Here is a step-by-step process to rank your business in Google search:

1. Brainstorming

Before you use any keyword research tool, sit down for 10 minutes and brainstorm all the services that you provide or products that you sell. If you jump onto Google right away, your ideas will get polluted.

Next, go to your competitor’s website and see the services that they provide to check whether you missed out on something.

2. Decide upon your local intent

Does it sound too technical? Well, it is not. You may already be doing this without knowing the term ‘local intent.’ Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and think about the possible terms that they may search to land on your website.

Let us say that you are a bakery owner. People can search the following terms to land on your page:

  1. ‘Customized cake shop’
  2. ‘Best birthday cake shop in Miami’
  3. ‘Nut bread shop’
  4. ‘How to bake a cake?’
  5. ‘Your_bakery_name cake’

Is there any difference in the intent of the users? Of course, there is. The first three show that the users want to make a purchase, the fourth one depicts informational intent, and the last one, navigational intent. So make a list of keywords that covers all these search queries.

3. Use a keyword research tool

This step is going to take comparatively more time than the previous two. Choose one or two keyword research tools like GetKeywords to go ahead with the research. We have 100k+ locations around the world with the smallest city data, making GetKeywords outstand all the keyword research tools available in the market. If you are a serious business owner and want to drive more people toward your business, you wouldn’t want to miss out on our tool.

Enter the keywords you brainstormed till now in the search panel of the keyword research tool and check the local search volume. Keywords with higher search volumes are preferred because that is what the local audience searches the most for.

City-Level Search - GetKeywords Dashboard

Implicit keywords are the ones that the customer uses while searching on search engines without mentioning the location. For example, ‘Customized cake shop’. Isn’t it how we search too? So what is the problem?

If you don’t enter the location in the keyword research tool, you will get the search volume of the entire nation. So now you have to mention your location in the keyword research tool to get accurate data. 

Explicit keywords on the other hand are the ones in which the customers mention the location. For example, ‘best cake shop in Miami.’ You don’t have to put any extra effort to drive these searches to your page.

Why is local keyword research important?

You must be thinking why do you have to do such tiring work? At the beginning of this blog, the difference between local and global keyword research was already established. But let me emphasize again, local keyword research target the local audience. Local businesses will benefit from this because their target customers are the people that live around them and not those living in other cities.

Don’t believe me? See the stats yourself:

According to Go-Gulf, around 46% of all searches on Google are from local businesses!

88% of the people that search for local businesses online, visit the location within a day.

You can’t reach an unknown destination without a map, similarly, your new customers can’t reach you without knowing the whereabouts of your local business. Local keyword research helps in SEO because you use the terms that people use while searching, enabling you to create search engine optimized content.

Now that you know the importance of local keyword research and how to do it actually, try following the steps mentioned in this blog. We are here to answer all your queries related to local keyword research. Comment down your queries and feedback in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!