Why We Were Forced to Redesign Keyword Research using Big Data & Market Analysis

June 16, 2020
Everything in the world is updating almost every day with new technology, methods, strategies and all - But Keyword Research is still the same even after years. We're still using 8-10 years old method to analyse the market, when everyone is moving towards "data is the new oil" world. Keyword Research is one of the […]

Everything in the world is updating almost every day with new technology, methods, strategies and all - But Keyword Research is still the same even after years. We're still using 8-10 years old method to analyse the market, when everyone is moving towards "data is the new oil" world.

Keyword Research is one of the most important tasks when it comes to online presence. There are a lot of tools available on the internet which help you to research about the keywords. Various businesses rely only on the Internet for their sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of many tasks including Keyword Research and Analysis. So, For SEO perspective, You need to have a look at the data & information for any keyword that you are planning to rank on. Apparently, All the data and pre-launch research are done regarding the keywords that you would need for your business. 

With the time changing fast & having as many modifications in the Algorithms, We need to change. Well, there is a Quote which says, “The only constant in life is Change” by Heraclitus. The person who adopts the change might win the race of life (in your case, Business).

Let’s say, You want to start a business in the Clothing industry. Firstly, You will need a brand name, Choosing that related to the niche will help you get more audience to the online store. Then, You will need to check about the keywords and competitors for that niche in your locality. Here comes the catch, Most of the tools available use old methods that won’t help you now.

These tools are made to be used for large scale areas. These tools available on the internet can only show the data from a particular state/country. But when it comes to business, hyper-locality matters. You need to have more accuracy in the location you are advertising. It should be your town/city which ranges for 40-50 Kms in the area.

Mostly, the tools won’t show you the results that you need. Also, You need to check various data when it comes to perfection. When you are planning to start the business, You are focused on getting more & more sales from the internet. But, that requires every single data that can help you track the trend.

Your clothing store is now set-up. Now, You need to run ads in your locality. With the help of, You can get an accurate analysis of the particular city (from more than 100K+ locations) you want to target. As many countries have more than 1 Language used, You need to focus on language accordingly. With GetKeywords, You get to see the data from more than 45+ languages for your keywords.

100K+ Locations & 46+ Languages

The tools which are available on the internet uses the same old method which won’t show you these analyses directly. Most of them are thinking keyword research is all about Search Volume & SEO Difficulty. Guess What, They are nowhere close to what Keyword Research is in the present time.

When it comes to responsiveness, You need to check what device your audience is going to use. That way, You can optimize your website completely based on the results. Think of it as Your audience is going to use mobiles mostly and you optimize your website according to PC. This will completely ruin the User Experience, as it won’t allow you to make the sales accordingly. You need to have the most recent data for the devices used as preference changes frequently.

Top Locations & Top Device Ratio

We have seen some tools which show the keyword that is even not relatable with the thing you are planning in your mind. This will only increase the amount of data but not the quality. These tools are not updated with the algorithms which can help them remove unwanted junk. You need to have more precise keywords that suit your business perfectly.

After all, It can be your dream store, You would not want to take the risk and rely on the old data which has not been updated from the past so many months. But, Past data can also help you when it is coupled with the latest recent one. It gives you more knowledge about the trend and usability for that particular niche.

4 Years of Trend data with Click Ratio Value

Competitors play an important role in the market, You need to outrank them in order to make your business grow. How we can help? We give you every single detail that you would need from your competitor’s domain. Is this cheating? Well, No. This is business :p. Mostly, other tools will show you the keyword & search volume from your competitor. But we are not the same, We give detailed information about your competitor’s online strategy.


You need to make things clear before you jump into a business. With GetKeywords, You will get accurate information about the niche/keyword you are selecting. With in-depth research & accurate data, You tend to grow your business by 10x times than the normal old-fashioned research.

You will never want to check data from different tools as it becomes a hassle for you. Apparently, You will prefer visiting a single platform which gives you all the data & analysis report in a single click. We are the one that can help you with the same. We have focused on creating the tools so much easier and data-rich that can give you a complete prediction even before you drink the cup of coffee.

This is just a small introduction to how we adapted to change the “Keyword Research” in the recent times. Well, There are a lot of features that you would like to use on a daily basis for your business. You should check out the features that we provide for a better analysis of your keyword & business. Taking the user experience in mind, We have dug deep into the keyword researching method & completely innovated a new way to get accurate analysis & reports about particular data.

We make sure, You don’t need to go anywhere else once you are partnered with us. This collaboration can help you grow your business rapidly. Follow us on Social Media platforms to get the latest updates, changelog, upcoming features & much more.

Thanks & Happy Researching!!

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