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With Millions of Businesses moving online, GetKeywords can help you understand your Local SEO Market
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Local SEO is different, and it requires the best weapons

Covering 100k+ Locations & 45 Languages around the world

If your country, state or city is visible on the world map - we have the best data available for you
You can't rely on data from your country or global SEO, when you're targeting the local audience
Even the SEO tools claiming data from few hundred countries are having 80% of the data from less than 15 top countries only
Let's understand your audience at city-level to execute your strategy the most accurate way

Realtime Data Processing for rapidly changing Local Markets

Local trends change much more rapidly than global ones - you can't rely on data stored somewhere in database before few years
Almost every SEO tool uses some purchased or stored databases to show you fast results at reduced cost
With Local SEO, the trends are changing super rapidly, where you can never trust data fetched even before few months
GetKeywords fetches all the data completely realtime - from Suggestions, Volume, CPC, Audience Data to SERP

Recognized by Industry Experts 

We have been recognized by experts in our industry as one of the best solution in the Keyword Research industry for Local SEO experts.
" GetKeywords is one of the best BuzzSumo alternatives because it focuses on intent and user behavior, which search engines focus on now. "
" If attracting customers in your city is your primary goal, GetKeywords is the tool for you. It does everything a good keyword research tool should do—only scaled down to local markets. "
" With filters to narrow down search results to countries, provinces, and cities and metrics that are usually unavailable in free keyword tools, GetKeywords is one of the most powerful free keyword research tools for SEO. "
" GetKeywords is great for competitive research because you will also get information about top advertisers and CPC/PPC costs for the queries. "
" If you're a local business, GetKeywords is super valuable because it allows you to avoid wasting time chasing keywords that no one nearby is searching for. "
"GetKeywords is worth further investigation if you’re heavily involved in local SEO keyword research."

Understand your audience with Interesting Datapoints

We've some interesting metrics like Top Devices & Top Locations to help you target your campaigns with even better accuracy
We have the exact answer of which device your target audience prefers based on provided keyword
We can share top countries, states, or cities having maximum share in search traffic for your keyword
When you know where your best audience is & which devices they are using - you are the best Growth Ninja already

We redesigned Trend Analysis for Local SEO Experts

Stop predicting complicated local markets based on last 1-year trends. We have up to 4 year trend data for every keyword.
Get upto 4 years of trend data to analyze the growth trend and decide your bet in rapidly changing markets.
We also have Click Metrics to help you understand if the users are really clicking on the results or just searching & searching ...
Check out interesting questions around your keyword for interesting content ideas - fetched from multiple forums

GetKeywords is an essential tool for SEO / PPC - accurate, reliable and very easy to use with fantastic support provided.

Simon Rowe
CTO & Founder at Share Talk

You'll 🧡 GetKeywords

It's time to utilize the power of data with maximum efficiency.
Ease of use
You don't have to be a data scientist to utilize the data with GetKeywords.
Realtime Analysis
As the internet is changing every minute, outdated data is not an option anymore.
100k+ Locations
From top countries to the smallest towns in the world - we've covered everything for you.
Search Trends
Upto last 4 year of search trends data with SERP Click-ratio for better pattern analysis.
Intent-Focused Research
Filter keywords by your research goal - like Video, eCommerce, Questions and more.
Value for Money
GetKeywords costs less than a cup of coffee per day. Your team deserves the love.

Why 8200+ Users love GetKeywords

One client told us : "If you are using such a powerful SEO tool, please take care of our business on Internet".
It's an awesome tool getting built and it should throw all the tools out of market soon.
Gaurab Das
Gars Infotech
Small to mid-sized businesses looking to expand their digital reach with a smaller budget, this is for you.
Thanks to GetKeywords, I have been able to find many new market niches and advertise on them, and have made more money.
Francisco Ariza
The feature "Keyword Methods" amazes me most. This feature differentiates this tool from other keyword tools in a positive way.
Nazmul H.
The great thing about GetKeywords is the great amount of data sources they use. And one of those is Clickstream, the one Ahrefs uses.
Alex L.
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