Why GetKeywords

Next Generation Keyword Research Simplified for You

Thousands of Keyword Ideas

We don't use stored data like almost all the competitors, because internet is changing every minute. You always get realtime metrics.
Data is never enough, and that's why we never restrict number of Keyword Suggestions. You get everything we have with us.
Setup multiple conditions & restrictions to get exactly what you need without scrolling through thousands of result rows.
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Up to City-Level Keyword Data

From Country to smallest town - We've every location covered with most accurate metrics to help you understand your local audience.
Everyone don't speak English - Right ? Here we've data available for 45+ Languages with us, so you get perfect data always.
You're targeting whole internet, instead of few countries or cities - No worry. You can find Global Keyword Metrics as well with us.
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Understand Your Audience

We can exactly tell you - whether you should focus on Desktop Campaigns or Mobile based App & Optimizations.
Get top Countries / States / Cities based on your location to make sure you target exact audience for your business always.
We can give you huge list of Questions people are trying to get answer for, based on your Keyword. Start creating content now.
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Analyse Your Competitors

Find out from where they are getting maximum traffic, and you can easily decode their growth strategy.
It's always better to keep watch on Relveant Advertisers or Organic Competitors. And we can definitely help you.
If you're searching for your competitor, you'll see top locations from where your competitor is getting maximum traffic. So, it's time to start ads.
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Measure Ranking Difficulty

We've designed our SEO Difficulty algorithms using multiple relevant metrics to provide you most accurate difficultly estimation.
Should you go for the keyword or not ? We've setup 6 different color codes from Easy to Hard for quick decision.
We're even providing SERP Results with city level accuracy to get you most accurate SEO Difficulty on fresh data fetch.
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Historical Trend Analysis

It's impossible to judge a keyword by last year's data. So, we decided to go with last 4 years trend data analysis.
You only care when someone visits the Google search and click on any result - right ? We also think the same.
Trend data is fetched Realtime for most accurate data metrics - Not like those outdated charts.
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Accurate SERP Analysis

Get Realtime SERP Results based on your target location with a lot of interesting metrics for deep analysis.
Google is focusing more & more on SERP Snippets, so we are. Get list of all the SERP Snippets available on first page.
We don't stop at providing top 10 results - instead you can check up to 5 SERP pages to get more detailed competitor view.
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Keyword Research Simplified

Gone the days, when you were able to understand your industry with just 3-4 metrics. Now, it's time to utilize power of data at maximum level.

Realtime Data

Realtime Data Handling

Instead using any Keyword Database, we decided to go with Realtime Data Sources

Fast Response

No More Sloooww Response

We're here to provide you all the data in less than 10 seconds


Accuracy is the Key

We're combining data from multiple datapoints for maximum accuracy


Designed for Simplicity

We're focused on making it easy for everyone to understand

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It's an awesome tool getting built and it should throw all the tools out of market soon.

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